A powerful and sophisticated tool for the industry researcher, business owner, investor or financial analyst.

This is for the special library patron who owns and/or operates a business and wishes to be highly competitive, to grow the business using credible metrics, and needs current and comprehensive data.

With IndustriusCFO’s Industry Metrics, research industry trends with one of the largest, most reliable benchmarking databases in North America, with over 1 million companies across 2,600 industry segments. Critical for business owners, research libraries, business advisory and consultancy agencies, IndustriusCFO offers unparalleled functionality allowing precise research of an industry of interest, using companies that satisfy criteria by Region, Net Sales, Total Assets, Age of Firm and Number of Employees ensuring the most relevant companies are used in the analysis. Observe Income Statement and Balance Sheet trends along with Financial Ratios, in two different report formats.

Your patron will be able to directly analyze and benchmark a company against industry peers with IndustriusCFO’s Business Analyzer, and view the health of any business in minutes.

Designed to provide both a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of financial performance, IndustriusCFO assesses a company from Liquidity, Asset Efficiency, Profitability, and Growth perspectives, with Loan Risk assessments, Valuation, and “what-if” scenario modeling which illuminates the financial impacts of various operational decisions. Immediately identify a company’s financial red-flags, model improvements designed to optimize performance and observe the financial impacts and placement amongst industry peers.

  • Easily generate Industry Metrics reports in 1-Year and 4-Year report formats, allowing a company size comparative, and a longitudinal comparative, respectively.
  • Directly assess a company’s performance against industry peers, across Liquidity, Asset Efficiency, Profitability and Growth key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Review a company’s ability to weather business downturns, typical market fluctuations, or handle new loan obligations, accurately determining a company’s financial viability with IndustriusCFO’s Loan Risk, and Business Risk assessments.
  • Model “what-if” scenarios designed to improve Liquidity, Asset Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainable Growth, observing financial impacts of these decisions and placement amongst industry peers.
  • Compare multiple years of financials side-by-side, with industry peer benchmarking for each itemized Income Statement and Balance Sheet account, with Financial Ratios.
  • Evaluate a company’s market value using five commonly used valuation techniques aided by insightful comparison to industry peers.

Making this product available to your patrons can save a business owner or consultant literally tens of thousands of dollars by providing unique and comprehensive business data.  It can promote growth of business in your community, possibly improving local employment, and adding to the tax base.