Compensation is an important element that helps to bring and retain the best job candidates to the library.

Many organizations use market data surveys to structure their compensation systems for effective budgeting and planning. The LibrariesFirst Salary Benchmark™ confirms market value for library staff performance, and justifies your compensation decisions to boards, funding sources, and taxpayers.

This survey has been an important resource for library directors and trustees for over 50 years. Dedicated to helping libraries use public funds efficiently, LibrariesFirst is a non-profit organization founded by library professionals.

We are continually improving the Salary Benchmark instrument for ease of use and greater capability. Data is current, and reports can be generated as often as desired, with options for filtering on a number of categories like library size, location, budget size, etc.

The first step is sharing compensation data from your own library. The process is straightforward, and absolutely FREE. The Salary Benchmark is operated securely online, and starting is easy with an email address and password. Once your own data entry is complete, you may subscribe to a full year of access to all of the data in the system. Subscribing to reports is simple and low cost, with payment by credit card or check, and entitles you to unlimited reporting of up-to-date information for the entire subscription year. Remember, sharing your data is free to you, for the benefit of all the other libraries in the system.

The annual subscription pricing to retrieve valuable LibrariesFirst Salary Benchmark data is $199 for a full year, beginning on the date of enrollment.

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We look forward to working with you to produce this valuable resource.  If you have questions, please contact Skip Mosshamer at 262.233.0005, or email

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